Welcome to Universal Stars Training


A Personal Message From Karen and Ken

Ken & Karen Owners

Hi and welcome,

You may notice that we have no upcoming events currently scheduled.​ After 22 years of running live events, we're taking a break from the industry for a while to pursue a couple of online ventures.

Here's what we're doing now...​

If you've ever thought about running your own live events, you might be interested in learning the systems and strategies that we use at Universal Stars. We're sharing what we've learned over on our new blog:

The Events That Sell blog: how to fill and produce profitable live events, in 8 weeks or less

We're also consulting directly to a small number of speakers, helping them to grow the size of their live events with better marketing, and to generate more sales with improved presentations and compelling offers.

As we move onto different projects and into the future, take a brief look back at Universal Stars' history, by the numbers.

We've Been Busy!

Here are some facts & figures on Universal Stars (previously known as Universal Events):

  • We ran 1,208 live events over a 22-year period, from 1993 to 2014
  • We promoted over 100 world class speakers (see the list on our Speakers page)
  • Most events were held in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland, with a few workshops in Canary Islands (Spain), Portugal and Fiji
  • During our busiest 6 years, we ran 120 to 140 live events per year
  • We'd quite often have 3 events running at once, in different locations around the world, and a couple of times per year we'd have 4 events running simultaneously
  • Events ranged in size from as few as 10 up to 4,500 attendees
  • More than 500,000 people attended our live events in total
  • Events varied in length from 1 day to 7 days
  • Together the events totalled 3,148 days (or 8 years and 7 months) of event time over the 22 year history of the business
  • Our business made the BRW Fast 100 list (fastest-growing companies in Australia) for three years in a row: 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Our Director and Founder, Karen ranked in Smart Company's Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia in 2011.
  • Last but not least, live events are our passion, a wonderful adventure and a ton of fun. Now it's time to help you to grow your own profitable, live events and leave a lasting impact.