A Special 18th Birthday Message from our founder, Karen Corban…

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Apr 01

It’s Universal Events’ 18th Birthday!

After supporting all our other wonderful “Stars” it’s her turn to be a star for a day!

18 fantastic years, what a ride!

The highs and lows, the passion and breakthroughs, the tears and laughter and the amazing community of like minded friends that have developed.

She has come of AGE and is now on the verge of adulthood – she can even have a drink…French Champagne of course 🙂

It’s time to celebrate what UE stands for… lifestyle, passion, freedom and friendship!

This morning as I wrote a note of gratitude to our amazing team, I reflected on all the truly incredible people who have been part of the Universal Events Journey over the past 18 years.

We’ve reached more than 500,000 people through more than 1000 events and initatives across Australia and New Zealand.

Since the very early days, I have consistently been inspired by the people who come to our events and form part of our wonderful community.

Watching the breakthroughs and receiving incredible emails from people whose lives have been completely transformed has been one of the greatest joys of the past 18 years.

Thank YOU for being part of our community.

There have been over 80 in 18 years and every one has made a difference to people’s lives. Thank you for the legacy you leave and the mark you have made!

Thank you for your service – at times we’ve given you some tight deadlines and you always come through!

Looking through photos this past week brought memories flooding back.

I’m still in touch with many former UE team members and enjoy hearing about their triumphs and successes.

I am so grateful to our wonderful team! Each and every person makes an incredible difference! Thank you!

It’s a blessing to have a really great friend and partner to enjoy life and work with.

We have been together for 17 years and we met at one of the hypnosis seminars I was hosting, so I have a great anchor to events! In case you were wondering, he didn’t hypnotise me into going out with him (LOL) 🙂

To trust your intuition, follow your dreams, believe in yourself, look for solutions, love others and respect their model of the world, appreciate others and sort for their great qualities and their strengths, laugh, play, work hard and rock your world.

Expect the best and that’s what you will get.

If I had my time all over again and it was 1992 when I drove around Australia in a big truck (different business) contemplating what my next endeavour would be, I would not have chosen a different field or industry. I am grateful every day for the wonderful NLP skills I have learned, dream teams to co-create magic with and wonderful mentors who guided us along the way.

Thank you for being part of the journey. It’s time to celebrate!


P.S. Watch this space, we’ve got a wonderful walk down memory lane coming soon!

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