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May 16

Almost everyone I talk to is under pressure right now.

It’s been a tough year and many people are struggling with debt, businesses that are way down on previous years and worries about whether there’ll be any money left for retirement.

(That’s why I’ve included a special educational gift for you in this message, valued at $197… read on to learn more).

With the massive housing shortage in Australia right now (Housing Industry Association predicts the undersupply to quadruple by 2020) property continues to be one of the best investments you can make, especially if you’re smart about where and when you buy…and it doesn’t have to take a lot of money or a lot of your time.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine, Phil Anderson, who was able to retire at just 38 after creating a multi-million dollar property portfolio with very little risk, using just the cost of his lunch money or less. Now he travels the world, lives in a beautiful waterfront home, and most importantly, has plenty of time to spend with his young children.

And yet, he didn’t start out living the high life…

Phil grew up in very humble surroundings on a dairy farm in rural New South Wales, wearing his sister’s hand me down clothes and never owning a store-bought toy. He knew he’d never inherit wealth or have any money given to him to make a start in life.

That’s when he set about educating himself in property and business. He tested different investing models and made his share of mistakes. He started his own small business too, only to find he was working 24/7, in debt and with no time for his young family.

The turning point came when he discovered one vital success secret that enabled him to go on to became a star student of Tony Robbins and Chris Howard, win the coveted Mr Australia title, build a successful chain of Health Gyms and an enviable property portfolio that has now freed him from the rat race and given him the kind of lifestyle he’d dreamed of as a young boy.

And since then he’s used this one vital success secret to perfect a tried and tested, profitable property investing model that he’s now willing to share with you.

Phil reveals this success secret (and much more) in his 3-Part Lunch Money Property Millionaire Insight Program.  It’s valued at $197, and it’s yours today as my gift.

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Even if you are not sure you want to learn about property investing, just watching how Phil thinks, his process for creating wealth and the steps he has taken to build a system for creating leverage are really powerful lessons and will help you, whatever path to wealth you are on.

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