About Us

Ken & Karen Owners

Welcome to Universal Stars!

Universal Stars was founded by us, Karen Corban and Ken Wood. We've been in the event promotion business now for 22 years, producing 1,208 live events in 7 countries with more than 100 different, amazing speakers from around the world.

At the end of 2014, we were ready for a change and decided to take a break from running our own live events for a while. But we're continuing in this industry. After years of having offices, employees and overheads, the time has come to sample the lifestyle that our speakers enjoy without any of those responsibilities. We're working on some online projects and enjoying the freedom to live wherever we want and travel whenever we want.

We have some disruptive ideas for future live events that we'll develop later, and of course we'll announce them as soon as we're ready.

We'll see you then. In the meantime, keep in touch.

Warm regards,
Karen & Ken​

What is our Vision and Mission?


To unleash the potential of every business owner in Australia and New Zealand.


Universal Stars provides direct access to the world’s best Business and Success Mentors offering a dedicated service for our community of more than 60,000 entrepreneurs, business owners and professional experts, helping them to grow their businesses, make an impact on the world, increase their incomes and create the kind of future they really want.

The Universal Stars Manifesto

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Our Personal Story

Karen running an event from the back of the room

Karen's dream as a teenager, was to travel the world and to help people in some way. Born into an entrepreneurial family, she observed her parents build and operate a series of retail businesses and later a resort hotel.

​Discussions around the family dinner table were often about business and it was anticipated that the kids would grow up to be entrepreneurs themselves. ​Karen went from university to opening her own retail clothing store at age 22, and other fashion businesses followed.

Eventually, Karen's passion for personal development lead her to take a year off and attend seminars all over the world. At an event in Hawaii, she approached the American speaker and invited him to come to Australia.

Having committed to fill a room of 400 people (her first event), she flew home and started learning about the seminar and events industry. Within a couple of years, Karen was getting more attendees to her events for that speaker, Tad James, than he was seeing anywhere else in the world.

An early Universal Stars event

Karen and Ken on their wedding day

Ken met Karen when he attended one of her first live events, in 1994. It was a training on Ericksonian hypnosis; a fact which caused much amusement to their friends once they started dating. The rumours that Karen may have hypnotised Ken at our first meeting were finally put to rest when we married in 2001.

​In 2004, Ken sold out of his IT business and joined Karen in Universal Stars. Together we grew the business, expanded to the UK and travelled the world.

For the last 21 years we have had the honour of helping men, women and teenagers to grow by transforming their lives and businesses—to dare to dream, live their passion and make it a reality.

It’s been a wild ride, and a mission we love.

There were times that were scary, times we felt burnt out, times we wanted to give up. But, we hung in there, received coaching, enlisted the help of wonderful mentors, kept learning and worked hard. We made many costly mistakes and we also celebrated wonderful wins, travelled a lot and had tons of fun. Our passion and mission kept us going through the challenging times.

Fast forward to 2014, and we were both ready for a change​. After a few years of running 4 businesses simultaneously, we definitely needed a break and a new challenge. So, it was time to change our business model, package up our combined decades of expertise, and continue to help business owners all over the world to reach their goals.

Without an office that we needed to be near, Karen could finally achieve a long-term dream of avoiding cold Sydney winters. The tropical north, a beautiful town where Ken grew up, beckoned and now here we are.