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Three months after starting his very first job at the age of 15, Duane took on a training role and he's never stopped. Through restaurant management, the arts, retail, hospitality, franchising, hardware and personal development taking on positions from operations to executive management Duane has spent nearly 25 years training and educating thousands of people. Duane now works with businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and everyday individuals helping them learn the simple truths, key strategies and make the small changes and significant shifts that together allow them to create massive growth and improvement in their businesses, relationships and lives.

Aug 18

{Free} 10 Discovery & Strategy Calls with NLP Master Trainer, Duane Alley

By Duane Alley | Business , Wealth and Investing

Dear NLP Master Practitioner,

Something’s been going on lately.

Pretty regularly, I speak with people I’ve trained in NLP over the last 10 years. We always talk about how POWERFUL NLP is, how FAST changes are possible and how GREAT the trainings are. You probably had the same experiences when you were learning. Then, about 6 months ago the theme of the conversations started to change a little – no doubt – NLP was still powerful and fast. I was getting new questions though – “How did I learn it so fast and so deep?” and “How did I master using it to the level I did?”.

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