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Jul 18

How early do you want to retire?

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

It’s official: Australian property is the most unaffordable in the English-speaking world. Prices are softening a little, but still very expensive – there are few bargains to be had right now.

With the share market trending down too, where can you still find investments that will build your wealth instead of destroying it?

Here’s something you’ll want to give a closer look:Continue reading

Jun 06

WARNING: This is a Dilemma For Thousands of People…

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

This may be something you’ve experienced…

When it comes to investing in property, there are literally dozensof formulas and models.

  1. Buy and Hold
  2. Renovation
  3. Property Development
  4. Wrapping
  5. Options… and more
The Property Investor’s Dilemma…

How can you tell which is best suited to you and your unique situation?

Which one is going to give you the outcome and lifestyle, YOU want (and that can be different for each of us)?

After all, if you make a mistake in property investing, it can take years to recover and you could end up stuck with something that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or your budget, and that could cost you in more ways than just money – stress, time with family, your health…

It Comes Down To These Three Things…
According to property multi-millionaire Phil Anderson (who’s tried just about every property investment model there is!) finding the right model to suit your own unique situation comes down to three things.

Click here now to find out what they are
(if you are not assessing each and every property decision you make on the basis of these three things, you could be making a huge mistake).

This information is only available for a limited time and then we’re pulling it down, so make sure you find out what these three must-know factors are right now.

May 31

Bonus Property Market Update Video

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

A quick message that I thought was so important, I wanted you to have it right now…

Lunch Money Property Millionaire, Phil Anderson, just recorded this 13 minute Property Market Update video and I wanted to make sure you got access to this information as soon as possible, particularly if you currently have property investments, or you are thinking of getting started.

Bonus Property Market Update Video

Why listen to Phil?

In addition to building his own multi-million dollar property portfolio using nothing more than his Lunch Money (or less) he’s also helped more than 200 other regular Aussies do the same.

If you’d like to hear what Phil’s got to say about the state of the Australian Property Market right now, simply click the video below to play.

During this video, Phil shares with you the two things he believes are going to be the biggest stumbling blocks for property investors throughout 2011 and what the A-Grade Investors are doing to turn those stumbling blocks to their advantage.

Find out why the property investment models of even a couple of years ago are out-dated and potentially costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars and keeping you stressed out due to under-performing investments, while those who know the new formula for investing are comfortably able to grow their portfolio for just the cost of their lunch money or less.

Click the screen below to watch this Property Market Update now

If you are currently a property investor, or you would like to get started in property, I highly recommend you watch this Property Market Update video today.

If you want to see Phil LIVE this June/July in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you can claim your complimentary tickets, valued at $147, when you click through to watch his Property Market Update now.

May 16

Special GIFT for you – 3-Part Video

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

Almost everyone I talk to is under pressure right now.

It’s been a tough year and many people are struggling with debt, businesses that are way down on previous years and worries about whether there’ll be any money left for retirement.

(That’s why I’ve included a special educational gift for you in this message, valued at $197… read on to learn more).

With the massive housing shortage in Australia right now (Housing Industry Association predicts the undersupply to quadruple by 2020) property continues to be one of the best investments you can make, especially if you’re smart about where and when you buy…and it doesn’t have to take a lot of money or a lot of your time.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine, Phil Anderson, who was able to retire at just 38 after creating a multi-million dollar property portfolio with very little risk, using just the cost of his lunch money or less. Now he travels the world, lives in a beautiful waterfront home, and most importantly, has plenty of time to spend with his young children.

And yet, he didn’t start out living the high life…

Phil grew up in very humble surroundings on a dairy farm in rural New South Wales, wearing his sister’s hand me down clothes and never owning a store-bought toy. He knew he’d never inherit wealth or have any money given to him to make a start in life.

That’s when he set about educating himself in property and business. He tested different investing models and made his share of mistakes. He started his own small business too, only to find he was working 24/7, in debt and with no time for his young family.

The turning point came when he discovered one vital success secret that enabled him to go on to became a star student of Tony Robbins and Chris Howard, win the coveted Mr Australia title, build a successful chain of Health Gyms and an enviable property portfolio that has now freed him from the rat race and given him the kind of lifestyle he’d dreamed of as a young boy.

And since then he’s used this one vital success secret to perfect a tried and tested, profitable property investing model that he’s now willing to share with you.

Phil reveals this success secret (and much more) in his 3-Part Lunch Money Property Millionaire Insight Program.  It’s valued at $197, and it’s yours today as my gift.

Click here now to claim your Complimentary 3-Part Video Series Gift valued at $197

Even if you are not sure you want to learn about property investing, just watching how Phil thinks, his process for creating wealth and the steps he has taken to build a system for creating leverage are really powerful lessons and will help you, whatever path to wealth you are on.

Jan 28

You need a crystal ball to make money from real estate investing in 2011

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

There is an odd paradox in the Australian real estate market at the moment…

On one hand, the experts are predicting the market overall will be flat in the coming year or perhaps even decline a little. That means that you can likely expect the value of your investments to go sideways for a year, maybe longer.

Not much fun if your property is negatively geared – you’ll still have all the usual costs to pay, but no capital growth to show for it!

On the other hand, small pockets within the market continue to do very well, with the strong growth in 2010 predicted to continue into 2011. If you’d picked the right types of properties to buy in just the right suburbs, you’d be well in front now and well positioned for next year.


If only you had a crystal ball…

you could foresee
exactly which properties
would shoot up in value like a rocket
after you bought them!

Phil Anderson has been doing that, every year for the last 9 years – and he’s shared his insight with members of his private inner circle who have made monster returns with that “insider” information.

This month Your Investment Property magazine predicted the 25 regional hot spots set to boom in 2011. That’s useful information (and a great magazine), the only problem is that now every reader of that magazine knows the same thing, will be chasing investments in those same regions and good deals will get harder to come by as more people come into these markets.

The really smart money bought into those regions much, much earlier – while they were still under the radar. Now they’re already holding investment properties as the regions start to boom.

That’s exactly what Phil and his group members did.

Phil’s group members have been buying in all 3 of the top regions earmarked by Your Investment Property to boom in 2011 in New South Wales (that’s 100% accuracy) … and they’ve been in those regions for more than a year now, buying properties at great prices, so they’re all well and truly ahead of the wave of growth that is coming (no wonder people are clamouring to join his inner circle).

Today Phil and his group are looking ahead to the next areas where property is about to boom. They’re preparing to buy in places that will appear on magazine hotlists in 12 months time, but aren’t widely known today.

Would you like to know where?

Now you have an opportunity to learn how Phil thinks about property investing – the mindset and strategies that have made him millions of dollars – for free.

Simply click here for instant access to 3x 30 minute videos where Phil lays out the entire investment strategy he teaches to members of his insiders group. Normally priced at $197, for a limited time you can access these videos at no charge.

Oct 05

What a difference 3 days make! – Viewing Marketing Through a Different Lens

By univstarsau | Business

I am honoured to have invested 3 days with legendary Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Levinson and his wonderful partner Jeannie.


Wow! Imagine having the privilege of spending 3 days with a generous, humble and validating marketing genius who shared his knowledge and delivered personalised feedback on the creative pieces of marketing produced by each and every one of us in the class.

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Jun 18

Toy Soldiers and Garden Hose… the story of a Millionaire in the Making

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

In this short 4 minute video, Lunch Money Property Millionaire, Phil Anderson, shares a powerful story about one of his first experiences with money which explains the mindset and philosophy that enabled him to amass a multi-million dollar fortune … and it all started when he was 13 and he made his first big trip into town with money in his wallet.

See Phil Anderson LIVE at his upcoming Your Property Game Plan events.

Learn how you can create a property portfolio using just your lunch money (or less!).

May 30

Why What You Believe About Money Will Determine Your Wealth

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

In this short 5 minute video, Lunch Money Property Millionaire, Phil Anderson, shares the 4 financial categories people live in… and how to move towards the mindset and philosophy that enabled Phil to amass a multi-million dollar fortune and escape the “Rat Race”.

See Phil Anderson LIVE at his upcoming Your Property Game Plan events.

Learn how you can create a property portfolio using just your lunch money (or less!).

May 27

3 Keys to Building a Property Portfolio Using a Lunch Money Budget

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

In this short 3 minute video, Lunch Money Property Millionaire, Phil Anderson, shares the 3 steps he’s used to create a personal multi-million dollar fortune in property using very little money from his own pocket (what Phil calls, his Lunch Money Budget).

See Phil Anderson LIVE at his upcoming Your Property Game Plan events.

Learn how you can create a property portfolio using just your lunch money (or less!).