Apr 13

Who believes in you?

By Karen Corban | Uncategorized

With the current trend today of buying “tracks” instead of albums (or even CD’s), the current generation misses out on something.

It’s the song that never makes the airwaves, never gets picked up by a major national or international brand for their latest ad, never gets played on tour. There are a lot of gems that never make the airwaves.

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Aug 18

{Free} 10 Discovery & Strategy Calls with NLP Master Trainer, Duane Alley

By Duane Alley | Business , Wealth and Investing

Dear NLP Master Practitioner,

Something’s been going on lately.

Pretty regularly, I speak with people I’ve trained in NLP over the last 10 years. We always talk about how POWERFUL NLP is, how FAST changes are possible and how GREAT the trainings are. You probably had the same experiences when you were learning. Then, about 6 months ago the theme of the conversations started to change a little – no doubt – NLP was still powerful and fast. I was getting new questions though – “How did I learn it so fast and so deep?” and “How did I master using it to the level I did?”.

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Jan 09

What I’ve Learned After More Than 30 Years As An Entrepreneur And Why THIS Is the Year for a “R-evolution”

By Karen Corban | Business , News

I’ve actually never worked for anyone else, except for one summer holiday spent working in a fashion store on a Thursday night when I was an 18-year-old uni student.

Apart from that, I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

When I started my current business, Universal Events, 20 years ago, I’d already had two very successful companies in the fashion industry and I clearly remember the passion, energy and excitement with which I started Universal… it was as though the skills in sales, marketing and management that I’d developed running the other businesses and my passion for learning and helping others was coming together in a really exciting way.

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Dec 19

Why don’t people know this stuff?

By Phil Anderson | Wealth and Investing

I’ve just been enjoying a pre-Christmas family holiday with my wife and two young kids on Daydream Island.

It’s been gorgeous weather, lots of fun and one of several family trips we aim to take each year.

I’m very grateful to have the time and opportunity to do this while my kids are still young. We are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

One day, while I was sitting by the pool, I got chatting to another guest at the resort.

When she found out I specialise in property investing she told me about her plan to buy a new home (her primary place of residence).

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Oct 10

He’s Doing It For His Kids

By Phil Anderson | Wealth Testimonials

This is Gary Staples.

After a divorce six years ago, and the subsequent financial settlement, he began to think about his future… and how to make a difference for himself and his kids.

This is his story…

Gary Staples (right) – Investing For His Kids

Well, I’d been through a divorce and managed to buy a small townhouse for myself. I’d always owned my own home and occasionally invested in property in the past and I was looking around thinking about what I wanted to do when I retire (I will be 59 this year).

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