Mar 08

Personal Message from Karen Corban on International Women’s Day: 19 Lessons Learned in Facing and Overcoming Challenges

By Karen Corban | Business , News , Wealth and Investing

Today I have a personal story to share with you written from my heart having just overcome a major challenge in my career. It’s also timely because it’s International Women’s Day and it’s a time for women all over the world to celebrate who they are and their gifts. To the wonderful men out there who support their women, THANK YOU!

Karen Corban
Universal Stars

How it all began…

It was 1992 and I was driving a 4 tonne truck along a country road on the way to Albury. At that time, I operated a very successful clothing business, which involved many hours spent behind the wheel of a truck, as I travelled from one small town to the next.

And as I drove, watching the world go by, I had plenty of time for thinking and contemplation.

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Nov 08

Why US Property is Hot Property Right Now

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

You have probably heard that US Property is at an all time low, so what makes this a great time for Australians to invest in American property?

As with any investment opportunity the market conditions need to be right, to allow investors to get maximum potential for gain, with minimum risk. It will not always be a good idea for Aussies investors to buy US Property as there is a lot of information to consider. However, for the 7 reasons below our experts are confident the timing is right at the moment and that it will only stay this way for a relatively short time.

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Aug 18

The Power of Duplication

By Phil Anderson | Wealth and Investing

Did you know that you can get your investment properties to do all the work for you?

In the video below, property millionaire Phil Anderson shows how he uses the Power of Duplication to turn 1 property into 3 within the first 5 years. He does this with little to no additional cost, using his Lunch Money Property Model.

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Aug 17

It’s Changing…

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

My name is Ken Wood, I'm the co-owner of Universal Events.

You probably haven't heard a lot from me in the past. I've preferred to work behind the scenes as we grew Universal Events to be one of the leading Business, Investment and Personal Education companies in Australia.

You usually hear from Karen Corban, the Founder of Universal Events (and my lovely wife).

I just wanted to give you a heads up that things are changing a little bit.

As well as your regular messages from Karen, I'll also be sending you some very special invitations to a set of exciting property events we have coming up.

Why All The Different Property Events?

You may have noticed we've been offering a range of events educating you on smart and powerful property strategies over the past 6 to 12 months.In particular, Phil Anderson's Your Property Game Plan events where thousands of people have learned how to create a million-dollar Australian property portfolio for the cost of their lunch money or less.

And then there's the How To Buy US Property On Sale Now events helping you make an informed decision about the massive opportunity in the US right now to acquire below replacement cost houses in quality neighbourhoods whilst the Aussie Dollar is so strong.

And tomorrow I'll be letting you know about another equally compelling and BRAND NEW opportunity for you to acquire property for zero holding costs, no interest and gives you a way to by-pass the banks altogether!

(Watch this space)

So, why have been offering you all these different events?

Well, to start with, we've done several surveys of the Universal Events community to find out what everyone wants and the demand for more property education has been overwhelming. So, we've gone and found the very best educators, strategies and support teams to give you that property training and help you grow your wealth through real estate.

Secondly, we know that the Universal Events community is about something more than just making money for the sake of it. You want a better life, for yourself and your family. You're interested in making a contribution and living your passion. You know that wealth is more than your bank account and you're not prepared to run with the herd, doing things the “hard” way when you could be doing them the “smart” way.

That's why each of the property strategies we're bringing to you are out of the ordinary.

While everyone else is paying retail for their Australian properties and negatively gearing themselves up to their eyeballs, Phil Anderson is showing you how to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio for what you spend on a hamburger.

While most people put their heads in the sand and only listen to the media hype and headlines, our US Property team is showing you how to turn adversity to your advantage and get in on an investment opportunity most of us haven't seen before in our lifetimes.

And now I have one more very special property opportunity, one that requires a very small deposit, no holding costs, no interest costs and very little risk. This is the way all the BIG PLAYERS (sophisticated investors & developers) have been approaching property investing for centuries allowing them to achieve astonishing results and incredible returns outside the realms of the ordinary investor. And now, due to a strange quirk of the GFC, for the first time you are actually in a prime position to take advantage of this rarely known strategy.

More on that tomorrow watch out for my special video message.I'd love to hear from you. What you'd like to see more of. How we can be helping you grow your wealth, find your freedom and live your passion. Email me anytime.

Until then, you can be assured we are always working to bring you the very best business, personal and investment education on offer and I hope you enjoy the next few months of outstanding property education.

Note (As of 2016): Universal Stars is no longer involved in US property investing. The US property market has improved with the recovery in the economy, so that the attractive buying opportunities have largely dried up now. Instead, take a look at the property investing formula created by Phil Anderson and the remarkable track record of success it has produced.
Aug 12

What Monty Python can teach You about The Current US Debt Crisis

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

From the desk of Ken Wood, Co-owner Universal Events

Well, if you've been reading the papers, watching TV, or tuning in to your social networks over the last couple of weeks, the US debt crisis and stock market ups and downs have been dominating the headlines and most media commentators are claiming the sky is falling!

Often, there's very little factual or detailed information beyond the hype of media headlines and, as a result, I've had people writing to me asking what all this means for the US Property Market and our upcoming US Property 1-day seminars.

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Jul 20

Has the US Property Market Started to Turnaround?

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

There's no doubting it. The US Property Market is the lowest it's been since the Great Depression, with properties discounted up to 70% in many areas.

And, for international investors, this is proving to be a boon time. The lower value of the US dollar, combined with properties offering strong positive cashflow (double digit yields of 14% to 19% common in certain areas) is creating a buying frenzy for international investors.

It's no wonder the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) found a record level of interest in the US from foreign investors in its 2011 Annual Foreign Investment Survey.

The US is considered the country providing the best opportunities for capital appreciation by more foreign investors than any time in the past 10 years.

JIM FETGATTER, Chief Executive, AFIRE

And whilst experienced investors like Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and big local names like Thorney Investments and Dixon Advisory have been capitalising on this once-in-a-generation buyers market, there are hints we may be seeing the bottom of the market with many areas showing signs of a turnaround (in some cases the turnaround is occurring much faster than experts have been predicting):

  1. June 2011 S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices shows US Home Prices have risen for the first time in 8 months
  2. Foreclosures down 18% from the peak
  3. July 2011 National Association of Realtors Pending Home Sales Index shows the number of homes being sold is increasing, with some areas showing a rapid turnaround going from soft activity to contract signings rising by more than 30% from a year ago.

Higher prices, fewer foreclosures and more properties being sold means the dramatic over-supply of housing, which has kept prices at 80 year lows, is showing signs of tightening and that means the window of opportunity currently open for international investors won't stay open for long.

Absorption of inventory is the key to price improvement, and this solid gain in contract signings implies that home values in many localities are or will soon be stabilising as inventories get absorbed at a faster pace.

LAWRENCE YUN, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors

You still have time if you act fast to take advantage of what many are calling The Greatest Wealth Creation Opportunity Since the Great Depression. If you leave it too long though, you may find you have missed out you need to get the facts now.

Join us at our tell-all 1-day Intensive Workshop 
How To Buy US Property On Sale Now

Perth, Saturday, July 23
Citigate Perth
9am to 6pm (registration from 8:30am)

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This window of opportunity is open for you right now (but not for long). Educated investors will be best placed to take advantage of this rare chance to secure quality US property at up to 70% off. I strongly encourage you to get informed not all US Property is the same and you could be making expensive mistakes if you don't take advantage of this opportunity in the right way.

Note (As of 2016): Universal Stars is no longer involved in US property investing. The US property market has improved with the recovery in the economy, so that the attractive buying opportunities have largely dried up now. Instead, take a look at the property investing formula created by Phil Anderson and the remarkable track record of success it has produced.​