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Aug 18

{Free} 10 Discovery & Strategy Calls with NLP Master Trainer, Duane Alley

By Duane Alley | Business , Wealth and Investing

Dear NLP Master Practitioner,

Something’s been going on lately.

Pretty regularly, I speak with people I’ve trained in NLP over the last 10 years. We always talk about how POWERFUL NLP is, how FAST changes are possible and how GREAT the trainings are. You probably had the same experiences when you were learning. Then, about 6 months ago the theme of the conversations started to change a little – no doubt – NLP was still powerful and fast. I was getting new questions though – “How did I learn it so fast and so deep?” and “How did I master using it to the level I did?”.

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Jan 09

What I’ve Learned After More Than 30 Years As An Entrepreneur And Why THIS Is the Year for a “R-evolution”

By Karen Corban | Business , News

I’ve actually never worked for anyone else, except for one summer holiday spent working in a fashion store on a Thursday night when I was an 18-year-old uni student.

Apart from that, I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

When I started my current business, Universal Events, 20 years ago, I’d already had two very successful companies in the fashion industry and I clearly remember the passion, energy and excitement with which I started Universal… it was as though the skills in sales, marketing and management that I’d developed running the other businesses and my passion for learning and helping others was coming together in a really exciting way.

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Mar 08

Personal Message from Karen Corban on International Women’s Day: 19 Lessons Learned in Facing and Overcoming Challenges

By Karen Corban | Business , News , Wealth and Investing

Today I have a personal story to share with you written from my heart having just overcome a major challenge in my career. It’s also timely because it’s International Women’s Day and it’s a time for women all over the world to celebrate who they are and their gifts. To the wonderful men out there who support their women, THANK YOU!

Karen Corban
Universal Stars

How it all began…

It was 1992 and I was driving a 4 tonne truck along a country road on the way to Albury. At that time, I operated a very successful clothing business, which involved many hours spent behind the wheel of a truck, as I travelled from one small town to the next.

And as I drove, watching the world go by, I had plenty of time for thinking and contemplation.

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Oct 05

What a difference 3 days make! – Viewing Marketing Through a Different Lens

By univstarsau | Business

I am honoured to have invested 3 days with legendary Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Levinson and his wonderful partner Jeannie.


Wow! Imagine having the privilege of spending 3 days with a generous, humble and validating marketing genius who shared his knowledge and delivered personalised feedback on the creative pieces of marketing produced by each and every one of us in the class.

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Mar 08

Thank You to all the wonderful women!

By univstarsau | Business

It is International Women’s Day today.

And I have been thinking of all the wonderful women in my life I am grateful for.

I am also grateful for the many opportunities available to women in business today and I would like to congratulate the women included on the Smartcompany list of female entrepreneurs, published last week to commemorate International Women’s Day.  I am honoured to have been included on that list in the company of such inspiring women

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