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Jul 18

It’s official: Australian property is the most unaffordable in the English-speaking world. Prices are softening a little, but still very expensive – there are few bargains to be had right now.

With the share market trending down too, where can you still find investments that will build your wealth instead of destroying it?

Here’s something you’ll want to give a closer look:

For the next few months, average everyday Australians have a unique real estate opportunity in the USA that we aren’t likely to see again in our lifetimes.

At the moment you can buy US real estate at prices up to 70% below 2007 valuations. Gross rental yields of 15% or more, coupled with the strong Australian dollar, mean we now have an opportunity that is better than any time in the last century.

Many are calling this the most significant wealth creation opportunity since the Great Depression.

Anyone with $30k or more to invest, including their superannuation, will want to understand the potential for profit in the US. International buyers are snapping up US real estate because the combination of bargain prices, very high rental yields and great growth potential is irresistible.

Of course there are also risks – education is the key to avoiding them, which is why we have just launched a 1-day tell-all seminar called “How to Buy US Property: On Sale Now”, where you can get the whole story.

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It costs nothing to take a look, who knows maybe you’ll be retiring sooner than you thought?

There are limited seats available, so book yours today before they’re all gone.

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