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By Duane Alley | Business

Aug 18

Dear NLP Master Practitioner,

Something’s been going on lately.

Pretty regularly, I speak with people I’ve trained in NLP over the last 10 years. We always talk about how POWERFUL NLP is, how FAST changes are possible and how GREAT the trainings are. You probably had the same experiences when you were learning. Then, about 6 months ago the theme of the conversations started to change a little – no doubt – NLP was still powerful and fast. I was getting new questions though – “How did I learn it so fast and so deep?” and “How did I master using it to the level I did?”.


That’s what people were asking me. And they’d usually have their own answer – basically – they said, “it must be that I’d been teaching it so long.”

And they’d usually have their own answer – basically – they said, “it must be that I’d been teaching it so long.”

Then I realised, that’s not really the truth – let me tell you that in a minute.

What I realised from the conversations I was having was that SO MANY people have learnt NLP, but they really didn’t feel like they’d Mastered NLP and –the power to create change in themselves and others they wished they could make.

Think about it… do you know (or wish, or want, or desire) to create bigger results, better performance and faster change for yourself and others with NLP? I know you know it works – but are you working it as much as you could… or is there something missing?

You know, that’s what I discovered as I was digging into the problem, there was something missing! Well, two things really and one leads to the other.

Let me go back to the “whole truth” I mentioned earlier (did you see that nested loop there in the writing?) My whole truth and the answer to how I learnt it so quick, so deep and was able to master the utilisation of NLP was not that I taught it for SO long… it was that I learned to teach it.

See I know, the best way for you to master something at the deepest level is to learn to teach it.

In NLP terms, when you learn to teach something you are forced to take a new “perceptual position” – you have to look at it differently and in doing so, can see so much more of it and how it works. Learning to teach NLP isn’t about becoming an NLP Trainer so much as it is about TRULY MASTERING NLP so you can use it to create the bigger, better, faster results you want for you (and for others).

So what are the two missing things in NLP… maybe in YOUR NLP?

1 – MASTERY – through learning to teach (and I don’t just mean having a certificate to say you can, but REALLY being able to teach it)


2 – APPLICATION – most attend an NLP Training, learn it and then go back to life and every now and then remember they aren’t really using NLP as much as they could. Because they haven’t mastered the science enough to truly know how to utilise the processes in a structured and systematic way

So what’s my wish… that every person who has learnt NLP can master it.

That every person who has learnt NLP can truly use it to get more of what they want, faster and have the better business, health, relationships and life they desire and deserve… and that means you. Because you’ve learnt NLP… and that’s why you’re getting this email now.

And 6 months ago, when I started to realise this I decided to do something about it. I’ve spent the last 6 months designing, refining and building my ultimate NLP Trainer Training. Bringing together the last decade of NLP study and teaching and all that I’ve done – everything I’ve learnt, developed and mastered in the realm of coaching & creating change with NLP, the coaching sciences and the business of change.

In October this year, I want to share this with a small, inspired and committed group of people who really want to master their own lives, results and success and truly master NLP at the deepest level.

Is this for you? Well, let me tell you what it is first of all.

I’ve seen a lot of NLP Trainer trainings (and heard of even more). Many of these trainings just don’t go into the depth of NLP Mastery that we will here. Some don’t even make it a requirement to actually present NLP content. During the seven days we will pull apart the NLP processes, the process of teaching NLP and presenting/training using NLP, so that you gain the deepest level of understanding, competence and mastery of NLP itself. We will also look at the most up to date and modern developments in NLP including brand new techniques and models. I know that even for people I have taught personally in the past – this will be entirely new.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of what you will learn:

  • NLP Trainer Certification + Advanced NLP Techniques and new technique developments
  • Mastery of language, communication, presentation and the instant & deep rapport skills on any platform
  • Techniques for teaching and demonstrating NLP Patterns and Processes from a platform to any class or student
  • Master NLP Interventions with audiences – learn to create powerful one one on demonstrations as well as group
  • Secrets to the best training & presentation design including Accelerated Learning and Empowered Teaching techniques
  • Master creating & running experiential games including powerful debriefing techniques
  • Deep level mastery of hypnotic induction processes – how to create and deliver the best
  • Powerful techniques for selling from the platform for all room sizes (not the standard high pressure techniques from many others)
  • Advanced Influence and Sales component using NLP from Stage as well as “Underground Influence” techniques of persuasion
  • In depth drilling and practise of skills and training delivery with Individual live, dynamic feedback

And I’ve included a set of pretty awesome bonuses aimed at making sure you have everything you need to go out and use this training to leverage your own business with as an NLP Trainer.

  • Actual NLP Manuals for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner (not some untested model draft version – the real ones I use – you just add your branding). Value: $8,000+
  • Actual Slide shows for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner (again, the same I use in his Trainings – just add your brand) Value: $4,000+
  • Actual Syntaxes for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner (again, the real ones I use, with all the notes and 4MAT plans included – you get everything you need to run your own Trainings) Value: $8,000+
  • Syntaxes for NLP based Business/Corporate Trainings – actual real life versions of the same corporate programs I’ve sold and taught to national and international companies Value: $12,000+
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Values Alignment for Business & Corporations
  • Full rights to use these Syntaxes and support materials to run your own business and corporate Trainings. Value: You can’t buy this anywhere
  • Agendas and processes for Specific NLP Breakthrough Coaching Days – the exact process and notes for the Breakthrough Session Days I run with real Clients and still use in my Coaching Business – again you can just sell and run these for your Clients (Value: You can’t buy this anywhere)
  • Values Breakthrough
  • Values Alignment for Relationships
  • Strategic Breakthrough Process (Advanced Timeline Processes for Personal of Performance Breakthrough)
  • Special Bonus Class on Advanced Applied DISC Training and how to use this as an add-on in any NLP or corporate training. I’ve sold this and run this as well just as it is and so can you Value: $2,900+

Plus you’ll have the opportunity to get another set of bonuses as well:

  • Two one hour, live, one on one Coaching & Strategy Sessions with me to ensure you are perfecting your training, achieving your goals and creating the success you deserve Value: $1,900+
  • Video Review of your training and/or sales presentation – I will personally spend up to an hour reviewing your own video recording of your presentation or sale. You will receive written and recorded feedback Value: $1,000+
  • Your own personal Performance Accountability Coach for 5 months. I’ll pay for one of my Performance Coaches to work with you to help you achieve your own incredible success Value: $1,700+

Pretty huge training, right!?

People are already flying in from all over the world to be at the event.

What you may now know is I’ve known Karen & Ken from Universal Stars for over a decade and have taught, mentored and coached thousands of their Clients in NLP.

What you might not know is that Karen is the first person I ever spoke with about learning NLP myself. I have long standing ties and many friends in the Universal Stars community, which is one of the reasons Karen and I decided we wanted to offer Universal Stars members, something special.

Here it is..

Over the next month I am going to do something I’ve never done before – I’m going to hold some private conversations – let’s call them Discovery and Strategy Session Calls – with anyone who wants to look at what’s missing in your NLP and how can you use NLP to get you “bigger, better & faster”.

Let’s take some time to dig down into your own life and business and at the same time discover if NLP Mastery Trainer Training is going to help you get what you want.

Book your Discovery & Strategy Session with me by clicking here.

There are only a few hours I have every week to have these calls, so please book in now and seize this opportunity (10 spots available).

Wishing you green lights and open roads,

Duane Alley​

PS Here’s the link again for your free Discovery and Strategy call.

PPS Want to know more about the NLP Master Trainer Training call our office on 0419636919 or email [email protected] and one of my team will be delighted to serve you.

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Three months after starting his very first job at the age of 15, Duane took on a training role and he's never stopped. Through restaurant management, the arts, retail, hospitality, franchising, hardware and personal development taking on positions from operations to executive management Duane has spent nearly 25 years training and educating thousands of people. Duane now works with businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and everyday individuals helping them learn the simple truths, key strategies and make the small changes and significant shifts that together allow them to create massive growth and improvement in their businesses, relationships and lives.

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