What a difference 3 days make! – Viewing Marketing Through a Different Lens

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Oct 05

I am honoured to have invested 3 days with legendary Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Levinson and his wonderful partner Jeannie.


Wow! Imagine having the privilege of spending 3 days with a generous, humble and validating marketing genius who shared his knowledge and delivered personalised feedback on the creative pieces of marketing produced by each and every one of us in the class.

The course was intimate, interactive, entertaining, simple and jam-packed with valuable information on social media, buying patterns, psychology and the importance of the human element, plus 200 Guerrilla Marketing weapons many of which are free to implement.


I am still amazed I drafted a 7 sentence marketing plan, elevator pitch, short email template, brochures and a compelling radio and TV advertisements with less than 15 minutes to do each task. My first thought was how could I possibly write a TV commercial in just 15 minutes. With a simple structure to follow and armed with the do’s and don’t of TV advertising it was to my surprise easier than I thought.


With my passion for Neuro- Linguistic Programming, (NLP) and modelling excellence, I was excited to learn about the traits of the some of the most successful marketers. Success leaves clues so I certainly plan to replicate those.


The course came to a close with an action plan ready to be implemented starting on Tuesday morning – a seemingly daunting task, except we learned Guerrilla Marketers work to a plan and take their time to ensure they produce the great results. It gets back to focusing on breaking your outcomes down into easy chunks with a specific date to complete these by.


The finale was a “Kodak moment” – receiving my certificate from Jay (you can see my husband Ken and I in the photo with Jay).

Guerilla Marketing Intensive Review

I now view marketing through a different lens with a renewed enthusiasm and passion. I am forever grateful to have experienced the phenomenal Master of Marketing, Jay Levinson. This unbelievable experience is deeply etched in my memory forever.


Those of you yet to experience Jay’s Guerrilla Marketing Intensive in Brisbane Australia, or London UK soon, I guarantee your mind and your business will be greatly enriched.


To your marketing success,


Karen Corban
Managing Director
Universal Stars

You can see Jay Levinson LIVE at his 3-day Guerrilla Marketing Intensive in Brisbane 12 – 14 October. Click here for more information.

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