Have you ever made this mistake?

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

Sep 08

Have you ever made this mistake?

I’ve just been watching hours of footage from people who’ve been attending Phil Anderson’s Lunch Money Property training events.

And, whilst they’re all raving about what a difference Phil’s Lunch Money Model has made for them, that’s not what I am writing to you about today.


What struck me, as I watched their stories, was that many people were saying they’d made so many mistakes in property investing before. And for most of those people, their mistakes had set them back years and many tens of thousands of dollars (if not more).

Almost every single person said they just wish they could have had this information from Phil 10 years earlier.

That got me thinking… I know from our surveys that more than half of the Universal Events community owns at least one investment property.

And so, I started to wonder…

“How many of those investment properties are literally a ball and chain for the people who own them?”

It could be tens of thousands of people in our Universal Events community, who need help.

Especially with the heady days of property investing in the early 2000’s, when a lot of people got into the property market while it was booming – many buying at the peak of the cycle, paying top price. That may mean those properties are now costing you a fortune to hold on to. Or perhaps they are in an area where values are going backwards, or you’re struggling to find a decent tenant (which can really cripple your cashflow).

And if you’ve had to re-finance to keep your property investments afloat, that can certainly create sleepless nights and loads of stress.

If you’re in that boat… would you like to turn that situation around?

Faye Roberts did.

She was paying a massive $1700 a month to hold a non-performing portfolio worth $400,000.

Within just 20 months, Phil Anderson’s Lunch Money system helped her transform that “ball and chain” into a $2 million property portfolio that doesn’t cost her a cent to hold on to (yes, you read that right, she has a $2 million property portfolio that costs her nothing to hold!).

Can you imagine the change in stress levels for Faye!

If you’d like to learn more, in just a few weeks, Phil Anderson is going to be sharing his Lunch Money system at a half-day seminar in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Melbourne.

I'd like to give you a free ticket to attend – simply click here

Seating is limited, so I encourage you to get in now. This is the first time I have announced these dates and they will fill quickly.

It’s time we turned this around.

You can read about Faye and other people just like her, who were able to re-write their mistakes and turn “ball and chain” property portfolios into powerful wealth creation machines when you click here.




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Ken is a typical short-attention-span entrepreneur, who managed to stay unusually focussed on the live events business for over a decade. Ken and his wife Karen grew their seminar promotions company to 26 employees, 140+ live events per year in 4 countries and $94 million in total sales. After a LOT of travel, too many hotel rooms and 1,208 workshops & seminars, they decided to mark the end of 2014 by getting out of live events for good. Today Ken teaches other entrepreneurs how to add live events to their businesses as a high-profit additional sales channel.

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