How To Find “Hot Spots” In The Property Market

By Phil Anderson | Wealth and Investing

Feb 19

Many people ask how I’ve managed to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio using very little of my own money.

Often the specific question they ask me is:

“Is it ‘timing‘ the market or ‘time in‘ the market?”


My answer is… BOTH.

There’s no point holding a property for a dozen or more years, slogging it out to meet the mortgage payments, dealing with tenants and repairs, maintenance and insurance and tying up your valuable equity, if it’s not going to go to work for you, increasing in value and growing your wealth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the buy and hold property strategy. It’s how I was able to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio and retire in my thirties, even though I only ever earned an average wage.

However, I say “Why wait 20 years to see any substantial capital growth when you can buy in the right place, at the right time and really accelerate your equity in those first few years, enabling you to use that equity to buy additional properties and really build your momentum” (that’s my “Duplication” strategy and I will email you more on how I do that shortly).

If you can get the combination of right place, right time and have a duplication strategy that enables you to grow the number of solid growth properties you can hold over time, you have the Game Plan for building substantial wealth.

That’s how I did it.

And one of the secrets to my success was understanding The Property Clock.

This one concept underpins the method I have used to pick all my own personal investing “hot spots” over the years, enabling me to get in to markets well in advance of mainstream investors, picking up properties at great prices, poised for immediate growth.

Chances are, you have heard of property clocks in reference to the various stages of the property market.

The Property Clock essentially works like this:

12 o’clock represents the top of a property cycle (when prices are high and the market is booming) and 6 o’clock the bottom of the cycle (when prices have stagnated or even dropped and the market is in the doldrums).

Every market in Australia has a property clock.

Markets like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have dozens of individual clocks within them and each follows its own cycle.

It’s a matter of watching these markets and tapping into these cycles at the right stage of the property clock.

A lot of people look at a 6 o’clock stage in the property market and think it’s a great time to buy because they feel that the market isn’t going to go down further.

Sure, that may be the case, but for me that’s not enough of a reason to buy.

While 6 o’clock might mean property prices are at their lowest, the reason I don’t buy then is because I don’t know how long it’s going to take for that property to get to a 7 o’clock market. It could take months or years (for example, some property clocks in NSW have been at 6 o’clock for 6 or 7 years in recent times).

Before I buy, I wait for every property market to click over to 7 o’clock where the growth really kicks in.

If you would like to know where the 7 o’clock markets are right now… and how to identify 7 o’clock markets for yourself, join me at my upcoming online training, titled:

"How a Country Boy from a Dairy Farm in NSW Became a Property Millionaire - By 'Pinpointing' Suburbs About to Skyrocket in Price"

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Where are the 7 o’clock markets in Australia right now? (the above graphic is only an example, see Phil at his live event to learn where he says the property clocks are for major investing hot spots in Australia today)

As well as personally using this system for growing my own wealth through property, I’ve taught thousands of people how to use my Property Game Plan for their own investing success… and I’d love to help you too.

Go here and register your place now.

As I always say, “If you can’t buy it with your lunch money, don’t buy it!“

To your success,

Phil Anderson

The Lunch Money Property Millionaire

About the Author

Phil Anderson’s ‘rags to riches’ story has been a motivator for countless Australians. His relentless efforts allowed him to retire as a self made multi-millionaire at just 38 years of age largely due to his passion for Real Estate. There really is no one better for educating Australians on how to create wealth through property, using nothing more than a ‘lunch money’ budget. "I’m just an average country boy who grew up without money. When I retired in my 30′s I became annoyed that our school system doesn’t teach us these simple facts that can help anyone retire young."

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