I’ve decided to do this…

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

Aug 30

When I first heard about this secret wealth strategy, although I was blown away with the potential, I must admit…

As a seasoned investor I was wondering…

Could this REALLY be possible?


It's only after months of due diligence, travelling all over Australia and meeting with the key people involved (who, by the way are already proving how profitable this strategy really is)…

That I've decided to invest in this myself.

Why haven't you heard about it until now?

Truth is, it's only come about as a result of a strange quirk of the Global Financial Crisis.

And this little known window of opportunity may not be available for long.

Which is why I have put together this video for you…

I've laid out the full story for you hereI knew I had to get this into your hands right away(too often it's just the big players who find out about these kinds of deals, it's about time the rest of us got a go!)




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Ken is a typical short-attention-span entrepreneur, who managed to stay unusually focussed on the live events business for over a decade. Ken and his wife Karen grew their seminar promotions company to 26 employees, 140+ live events per year in 4 countries and $94 million in total sales. After a LOT of travel, too many hotel rooms and 1,208 workshops & seminars, they decided to mark the end of 2014 by getting out of live events for good. Today Ken teaches other entrepreneurs how to add live events to their businesses as a high-profit additional sales channel.

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