The Best of the Best

Driven by our passion for learning, education and helping others, we scoured the world over two decades looking for the best educators in the areas of business, investing and personal development to bring them to Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

We are honoured to have worked and collaborated with some of the "best of the best" speakers in the world, to inspire our audiences of hundreds of thousands of people to grow, by learning the effective, cutting-edge skills and strategies to help them to succeed.

Through the 1,208 live events we hosted, we are thrilled to have been a conduit for change and now, we are continuing our mission of educating business owners, by offering online events and trainings with a variety of top, results oriented speakers and educators.

This new business model will give us the opportunity to reach a greater number of people globally, so they can be mentored and inspired, to grow their businesses, make an impact and ride the wave of global success.

It's such a great privilege to see our wonderful clients and graduates develop into shining stars in their own right.

Speakers who we've worked with

This is a partial list of the speakers who've been on our stage at some point over the years. Some of them got their start with us and have gone on to even greater success.

From the USA

From Australia

From the UK

Mike Koenigs

Brad Fallon

Jay Conrad Levinson

Alex Mandossian

Jay Abraham

Joe Sugarman

Keith Cunningham

Chet Holmes

Scott Hallman

Christopher Guerriero

Cameron Johnson

Armand Morin

Tad James​

Christine Commerford

Lorel Langmeyer

Stephen Pierce

Dave Lakhani

Joel Comm

Chris Howard

John Carlton

Tom Wheelwright

Joel Roberts

Robert Dilts

Robert McDonald

Tim Hallbom

Suzi Smith

Bob Bodenhamer

Dean Hynes

David Fagan​

Scott Rewick

Saen Higgins

Bill Walsh

Melanie Benson Strick

Michelle Masters

Carl Buchheit

Siimon Reynolds

Michelle Duval

Kerwin Rae

James Schramko

Nik Halik

Andrew Barnett

Mark Rowland

Clinton Swaine

Justin Herald

Andrew McCauley

Brendan Nichols

Brett McFall

Phil Anderson

Cherie Barber

Stephen Tolle

Travis Bell

​Ben Harvey

Mal Emery

George Lee Sye

Joanna Martin​

Johnnie Cass

Duane Alley

Annette Huygens-Tholen

Terianne Palmer

Sue Papadoulos

Emily Gowor

​Alan Furlong

John Dwyer​

Darren Stevens

Sean Rasmussen

Ari Galper

Jeff Slayter

Heather Porter

Paul Holland

Alexi Neocleous

Leah Barton

Julio De Laffitte

Shaune Clarke

Phillipa Bond

Simon Coulson

Marcus De Maria

Sue Knight​

Daniel Wagner

Julian Treasure

Rohan Weerasinghe

John Lee

Glenn Armstrong

Rob Moore

Paul Avins

Juswant Rai

Sylvia Rai

Simon Zutshi

New Zealand:

Sam Bakker​