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Jan 28

You need a crystal ball to make money from real estate investing in 2011

By univstarsau | Wealth and Investing

There is an odd paradox in the Australian real estate market at the moment…

On one hand, the experts are predicting the market overall will be flat in the coming year or perhaps even decline a little. That means that you can likely expect the value of your investments to go sideways for a year, maybe longer.

Not much fun if your property is negatively geared – you’ll still have all the usual costs to pay, but no capital growth to show for it!

On the other hand, small pockets within the market continue to do very well, with the strong growth in 2010 predicted to continue into 2011. If you’d picked the right types of properties to buy in just the right suburbs, you’d be well in front now and well positioned for next year.


If only you had a crystal ball…

you could foresee
exactly which properties
would shoot up in value like a rocket
after you bought them!

Phil Anderson has been doing that, every year for the last 9 years – and he’s shared his insight with members of his private inner circle who have made monster returns with that “insider” information.

This month Your Investment Property magazine predicted the 25 regional hot spots set to boom in 2011. That’s useful information (and a great magazine), the only problem is that now every reader of that magazine knows the same thing, will be chasing investments in those same regions and good deals will get harder to come by as more people come into these markets.

The really smart money bought into those regions much, much earlier – while they were still under the radar. Now they’re already holding investment properties as the regions start to boom.

That’s exactly what Phil and his group members did.

Phil’s group members have been buying in all 3 of the top regions earmarked by Your Investment Property to boom in 2011 in New South Wales (that’s 100% accuracy) … and they’ve been in those regions for more than a year now, buying properties at great prices, so they’re all well and truly ahead of the wave of growth that is coming (no wonder people are clamouring to join his inner circle).

Today Phil and his group are looking ahead to the next areas where property is about to boom. They’re preparing to buy in places that will appear on magazine hotlists in 12 months time, but aren’t widely known today.

Would you like to know where?

Now you have an opportunity to learn how Phil thinks about property investing – the mindset and strategies that have made him millions of dollars – for free.

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