What Monty Python can teach You about The Current US Debt Crisis

By Ken Wood | Wealth and Investing

Aug 12

From the desk of Ken Wood, Co-owner Universal Events

Well, if you've been reading the papers, watching TV, or tuning in to your social networks over the last couple of weeks, the US debt crisis and stock market ups and downs have been dominating the headlines and most media commentators are claiming the sky is falling!

Often, there's very little factual or detailed information beyond the hype of media headlines and, as a result, I've had people writing to me asking what all this means for the US Property Market and our upcoming US Property 1-day seminars.


Is this REALLY the right time to be looking at US Property?

My answer has been that I'm more excited about this opportunity than ever AND it's now even more important for you to get the FULL story, because for those of us who know how to navigate these conditions, this is very likely one of the greatest wealth creation opportunities of our generation.

Panic or Prepare?

Many people see times of great change as a time to panic. And we've all seen the power of the “herd” mentality play out on the stock market. Ironically, these times of massive upheaval also create times of massive opportunity. And it's those who can resist the emotional reaction to the headlines and see beyond the herd who will win the game, because they will be prepared to take action, while others bury their heads in the 6 o'clock News.

And we are all about helping you win the game by giving you the information you need to make your own decisions.

And that's where Monty Python comes in (I bet you were wondering how I'd tie that in!).

In one of my favourite scenes in the Life of Brian, Brian walks to the window where the massive crowds in the village have been waiting to hear his words of wisdom, and he tries to tell them that they've got it all wrong, They don't need to follow him and that they've got to think for themselves. You are all individuals he says. Yes, we are all individuals the crowd says in unison. You are all different says Brian. Yes, we are all different the crowd chants, blindly repeating what he says and missing the irony altogether.

Except for one guy.

Who says I'm not.

He was the only one.

The contrarion.

The guy who COULD actually think for himself.

Another famous contrary thinker, one of the world's most successful and richest investors in history, Warren Buffett, says: Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.He's made billions of dollars stepping in and buying up assets while the herd ran for cover.

Is the US Property Market representing massive value right now? We believe it is (if you know where to buy “ not everywhere).

Is this one of the greatest opportunities for Australian investors in the past 80 years “ research indicates that it is.

So, why don't you find out for yourself?

We're giving you the good, the bad and the ugly “ the tell-all full story on US Property Investing.

Claim Your Complimentary Tickets Here

And, if at the end of it you still believe the headlines, then what have you really lost?However, what if this really is the opportunity you've been waiting for? How will you feel if you let it slip through your fingers?

I'm proud to be part of the Universal Events community. You've shown me time and time again that you are not part of the herd. You see things differently. You are awake to the possibilities.

And this is another possibility for you.

Come and check it out for yourself.

Note (As of 2016): Universal Stars is no longer involved in US property investing. The US property market has improved with the recovery in the economy, so that the attractive buying opportunities have largely dried up now. Instead, take a look at the property investing formula created by Phil Anderson and the remarkable track record of success it has produced.




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