Why don’t people know this stuff?

By Phil Anderson | Wealth and Investing

Dec 19

I’ve just been enjoying a pre-Christmas family holiday with my wife and two young kids on Daydream Island.

It’s been gorgeous weather, lots of fun and one of several family trips we aim to take each year.

I’m very grateful to have the time and opportunity to do this while my kids are still young. We are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

One day, while I was sitting by the pool, I got chatting to another guest at the resort.

When she found out I specialise in property investing she told me about her plan to buy a new home (her primary place of residence).


As I have noticed is very common with many people I speak to, she told me she intends to buy the most expensive home she can afford (probably, like many Aussies it’s likely MORE than she can afford) at around $700,000.

I see this kind of thing a lot and I know that she has other options that will put her in a MUCH better position down the track.

So, I asked her a few questions and it wasn’t too much of a surprise to learn that she could afford to rent the same level of property for around half the weekly cost of the loan repayments (which she admitted was going to be tough to manage – and interest rates are low now- what happens down the track when they go up?).

When I asked her the main reason for wanting to buy the property she told me she wanted to set herself up for retirement over the next 15 years, even if it meant she had to go without a lot during this process.


This is a common misconception people have. That they need to do without now, either through highly negatively geared property or some other means, to prosper later.

After talking to her for a good length of time I was able to establish that she is probably very capable of being able to buy two investment properties (in better growth areas) using what she would have had to pay in tax anyway, with very little out of her own pocket.

Plus, she could most likely buy an additional property using her current super balance (again, with very little additional costs AND she would pay it off totally and own it outright in 15 years without using a cent out of her pocket and when she cashes it in at retirement at, say, 60 years of age, she will pay no capital gains tax).

That’s THREE investment properties, plus living in the kind of house she’d like to live in now… and all for much LESS than she would be paying just to have the one 700k property she was originally looking at.

She quickly realized she could have wealth beyond her wildest dreams in retirement, and all whilst putting hardly any pressure on her pocket today – allowing her to rent where she wants, maintain her current lifestyle (international holiday each year etc) and leverage both her tax money (that she thought she had to pay) and her Super (that she thought wasn’t hers until she retires).

Her comment to me?

“Why the heck don’t people know about this stuff!?”

She’s right.

Most people don’t know this stuff.

It’s because we were never shown this kind of practical approach to wealth building at school and for many of us, our parents came through an era where the goal was the Great Aussie Dream of owning your own home, which you worked hard to pay off over 25 years.

I’m passionate about helping people realise there is a way to grow more wealth, faster and with LESS stress and strain on their lifestyles and their hip pockets. And I have literally hundreds of proven case studies where people have implemented my strategies and seen the kind of results I illustrated above.

That’s why I've created a special online training where I will take you through my Lunch Money Property Strategy (it’s the same strategy I personally used to grow a multi-million dollar property and retire at just 38, even though I only ever earned an average wage).

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I’ll be revealing the Top 10 Massive Shifts heading for the Australian Property Market, so you really need to hear this if you want to grow your wealth in property.

Looking forward to joining you on the online training.

And as I always say “If you can’t buy it with your lunch money, don’t buy it!“

To your success,

Phil Anderson

The Lunch Money Property Millionaire

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Phil Anderson’s ‘rags to riches’ story has been a motivator for countless Australians. His relentless efforts allowed him to retire as a self made multi-millionaire at just 38 years of age largely due to his passion for Real Estate. There really is no one better for educating Australians on how to create wealth through property, using nothing more than a ‘lunch money’ budget. "I’m just an average country boy who grew up without money. When I retired in my 30′s I became annoyed that our school system doesn’t teach us these simple facts that can help anyone retire young."

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